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If you wish to join a forum that answers all you questions visit Non-Benzodiazepines at

British Journal Of General Practitioners

Click here or above image to read Allan Weatherburns 'article outlaying proposals for one possible way of solving the problem of long-term prescription benzodiazepine and Z drug dependency. An article,by Allan, entitled "Prescription Benzodiazepines and Z Drugs -The hidden Story," has been published in the November issue of the British Journal of General Practice (BJGP) in which he invites doctors to read this website article.

Cumbria Meeting

Click here or click on the above image to see the details of the All Party Parliamentary Drugs Misuse Group Report.

How was BCNC Started?

A group of voluntary support people held a meeting which resulted in the forming of a new benzodiazepine support group. The support group will be known as Benzodiazepines: Co-operation Not Confrontation (BCNC). It will be primarily aimed at people who are affected by prescription supplied benzodiazepines although help will be given wherever it is needed.

The founding members of the group were :-
Barry and Sue Haslam who are both involved with Beat the Benzo and live in the Oldham area.


Mike and Pauline Levins who assist in the running of a voluntary drug centre, again in the Oldham area.


Allan and Thelma Weatherburn who have been Carers for the Last twenty years and live in Cumbria.


Gwen Bailey an ex-nurse and a user of benzodiazepines who is partaking in a withdrawal programme She lives in the Bournemouth area.


Ross, although not present at the meeting in Oldham was invited to join the group within days and to be responsible for the setting up of our BCNC Website.


Ross has taken prescribed benzodiazepines in the past . He has a wealth of knowledge on the subject as well as having many contacts within the various groups attempting to help people dependent on both benzodiazepines and other types of drugs Without his efforts the website and forum would be non existent.


Susan Bibby joined BCNC as a volunteer. She has been a benzodiazepine campaigner for over 2 decades and has experienced benzodiazepine dependency and withdrawal herself. Her campaigning and expertise is the effect of benzodiazepines in pregnancy and the long term effects on neurodevelopment.

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